Frequent Asked Questions

What is DEHTLET?

It is an eco-toilet using no water or chemicals. The system only need  a very low voltage of electricity to drive the ventilation fan.


How does a DEHTLET work?

DEHTLET system allows separation of solid waste and urine wherein solid waste is retained in layer form will transfer to rear section of the chamber undergoing dehydration wherein urine falls into the bottom of chamber to drain away by overflow. Solid waste will be dried up after several months ready for disposal.


Can my portable toilet rental be placed anywhere I want it?

DEHTLET can be installed to anywhere inaccessible to the suction truck. If you require a further distance, like national parks or geoParks, please ask our dispatchers to see if we can accommodate your needs.

How far ahead of time do I need to book a portable toilet rental?

If you are renting portable toilets for a special occasion or event we suggest that you book at least a week to two weeks in advance.

Do portable toilet rentals require a hydro hook up?

Our DEHTLET units do not require a hydro hook up.


What type of DEHTLET rentals do you have?

Model DTC & DTP are available for rental. DTC is small scale for construction site and temporarily use. DTP is tailor made for national parks, tourist spots for long term use.

What is included in the cost of the rental?

Rental cost includes the toilet rental plus cleaning and waste removal services.

Do you offer discounts if I rent more than one unit at a time?

Discount will be offered for bulk rental.Please talk to our sales persons or local representatives  at your area.

How much waste can a regular DEHTLET model  hold?

DTC can take around 20kg of solid waste plus 150 litres of liquid; DTP can take around 40kg of solid waste plus 300 litres of liquid.

Where do you dispose of the waste?

We are an environmentally conscious company. Our technicians clear out the DEHTLET units and then dispose of it at a licensed waste treatment facility that is certified by the local authority. The urine will be treated and recycled as agricultural fertilizers for gardening and planting as it contains good sources of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous.


How long is the period between servicing?

The period between servicing will depend on the actual loading. It is recommended that the units be inspected 1-2 weeks after commissioning to ascertain usage, which will determine the period for waste removal services thereafter.

Can my rental be cleaned more than once per week?

Additional service fee per unit will be charged subject to the frequency of the service required. Our sales team will help you to work it out.

When will my regular cleaning occur? How often is my long term DEHTLET serviced?

When you receive your rental, our technician will book a cleaning time with you.

    Can I use DEHTLET system but using the existing hut or buy it locally?

    You can choose your own hut design or even buy it from a DIY and home improvement retailing company. For bulk purchase, we can offer you special design toilet hut for considerations.

What should I use to clean my DEHTLET?

We don't use water to flush and clean the toilet. We use lime powders to clean the toilet floor, toilet seat/squatting pan and bowls.               

Where can I dispose the toilet paper and women’s sanitation materials?

Toilet paper and women’s sanitation materials can be in taken by the system.