Why Choose DEHTLET?

Requires no sewage system or any drainage for waste disposal. The system can be installed at any location both indoor and outdoor.

The standard model has been designed as the separate components stack allowing for compact, economical transport and shipping. All the necessary parts and components and a detailed manual are supplied for do-it-yourself assembly and installation on site.

The system is odor-free because there is a continual draw of air through the chamber interior and vents out through the extractor unit. The system can be placed indoor without attracting flies or insects.

Due to inadequate and insufficient sanitation facilities in some developing areas, women and girls are afraid of going to work or to school during menstrual period that create social problems. Larger waste storing areas in treatment chamber is possible to enable intake substances such as tissue papers, menstruate products without blocking the toilet system.

The system can be built by using local materials.

The system can be installed on boat or historical buildings without disturbing the original structure.

The system does not need an additional biological waste processing machine to process the waste.

Wastes can be used as fertilizers for irrigation. Urine is also a good source of hydrogen producing electricity. 

Compared with other anaerobic septic or composting system which emits dangerous gas, DEHTLET does not emit explosive gas and does not use water. It is a safe, reliable and hygiene system to work with.

Pathogenic bacteria inherent in human waste cannot survive in aerobic conditions. The air vented through the system will continue to disseminate and kill off the pathogenic bacteria 

No flammable gas will be emitted, and we use lime for cleaning which reduces the risk of workers getting an electric shock at site. Slaked lime powder is used for routine cleaning the toilet interior and drives away insects and absorbs moisture.   

No water for flushing and cleaning for our system. The average water consumption for advance flushing toilet is 1.6litres. Our DTC model serves 30 persons per day (average), we can save more than 350litres water for flushing in one single day. Each year, we can save more than 140 tons of water for only 1 standard unit.

Reduces pollution bodies to a minimal whereas the current portable sanitation requires high level servicing equipment and sophisticated management to avoid cross contamination and environmental pollution. Black water deriving from flush water sanitation facilities creates heavy burden to waste water treatment plant.

We offer a zero-water consumption sanitation that diminishes the drawbacks of conventional portable sanitation. Our product and service provided will recycle and reuse the body waste. It is a resource productive, ecological and a closed loop product that meet the need of sustainability.

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